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Studio Era Prices

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  1. Hourly Rate
  2. Prints
  3. Travel
  4. Free Shoots


Hourly Rate

To match more specific needs outside the Package Deals.

$75 per hour

Please note hourly rates include travel time and preparation.


For additional prints of your photos.

5x7 $20
8x10 $30
11x14 $40
12x18 $50
16x20 $90
20x30 $100


Travel within the Travel Area is included in all package deals.

Shoots outside this Area will include an extra surcharge.


Free Shoots

For those willing to trade the rights to their photos.

Q. What does giving up my rights to my photos mean?
A. To give a simplified answer;
A major misconception is that models are paid for their time.
In a small way, yes. They are.
But they are mostly paid to give all rights of their photos to the photographer or the company/individual needing them.
This gives the owner the legal right to display and sell as he/she decides (unless decided otherwise under contract) without any further permissions or payments to the model.

When you pay a photographer to have your photo taken, you are both paying for his/her time, as well as securing the rights of the photos for yourself.

Are you looking for a Free Shoot?






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